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18 August 2012
Moving ! 00:30

After not blogging for 2 years, I've moved people!

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Lynn Leng Lang


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28 March 2010
college tomorrow! 22:15


*catch the butterflies in stomach*

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Hi Lynn, nice blog. But what is the meaning of 'sampat'? I first time coming across this word, ha ha.
Have a nice day and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

By Blogger  Lee, at 20 June 2010 at 20:27  

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15 March 2010
Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010 23:58

Don't know what happened to me when I agreed to sign up for a marathon. Ok la, maybe partly I know I'm gonna gain massive weight during CNY so better go exercise to get rid of some fats 1st hahhaha wtf.

Didn't know Putrajaya is actually very nice, seriously! Especially at night. The scene is awesome! Another photo to prove it.

Look at the building in the background!
And imagine it at night now!

So mom and I signed up for the 7.7km run. To be honest, I thought it was a never-ending run during the last 2km. Can you imagine what it's like when we reached the finish line!


Ultimate happiness although looking shitty.

Got certificate one ah, don't play play.

A happy reason to slurp down 6 cups of cold Milo at the end of the day. WTF I WAS THIRSTY CAN OR NOT!

A group photo before we leave.
Tumpang-ed my cousin's car to get home.
Anyone wanna take a ride in a car filled with 4 sweaty people, lai lai lai.

FYI, I still gained weight but then in a tolerable way so okay okay la.


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11 March 2010
CNY 2010 bai nian! 01:10

All Photos are taken by Aster

The schoolmates organized a CNY house-visiting on the 7th day of CNY so I just tagged along and it was mad fun! Went out since 9am until midnight. Went to 6 (I think) houses overall.

My house was the second house.
Let Suki to enter the house because she was whining in the cage.

And the gambling section started! Won RM1 in the end [T_T] but better than losing okay!

Why my dog looks so sad one!
Everyone agrees it's because Ting Seng molested her HAHHAHHA wtf

Lunch at Wong Kok before going to Eddy's house.

That's Jin Rong passing 'smelly vege' to Kuan.
And that's the lansi waitress at the back.

Went to Eddy's house for another gambling round after that. Then went to LiPing's house before visiting JinRong's house and dinner!

Taken in LiPing's house.

ZOMG LiPing's dog, Toby very hamsap one! Keeps making love with everyone's arm HAHAHHAHA seriously!
Ok lah, the dog very cute also.

Dinner! Went to a steamboat+bbq restaurant in serdang. Very nice and thank god I didn't have diarrhea after that because I thought I was going to do.


Bahlia Jenn setting the plates up because she scared kena the oil

Dropped by Aster's house before going home. Finally visited her house after she's moved for 293865 months hahahahaha.

Guide to taking SPM result!

Taking the results in eh, 9 hours time!


hahaha! funny guide!

By Anonymous kuan, at 19 March 2010 at 19:53  

got follow or not? haha xD

By Blogger Lynn, at 23 March 2010 at 00:32  

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02 March 2010
Photo talking 19:12

the current desktop background

ONCE upon a time (yes very long ago) my mom suddenly had the idea to take a family photo. Bro wasn't at home so we replaced him with our dog. I know hahahhaha wtf.

My hair was this long okay T__T

Blur photo but I think my dad looks super cute here!
Look at the stupid dog rolling on the sofa -__-

Did I tell you that on the last day on CNY, mom and I were walking the dogs when the neighbours suddenly played fireworks. The stupid dog freaked out and hid under a random car and came out with black oil all over her body. FML had to bathe her.

Aster and I while preparing the stuffs for school prom.
She think it's weird because I can pull my lower eyelid really low

And this me trying to cool myself down despite super hot weather.



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01 March 2010
The start 17:24

Got nothing to do so wanted to blog. I've been telling myself to blog actively starting 1 March. Why am I lazy like that.

SPM results will be out around the corner but I still don't know which course to take
am I in deep shit or what. My relatives would be asking "What course are you taking" and I'll be shaking and smiling saying "don't know" as they smiled and pretended it's no big deal T__T

My uncle joked and said "Next time I design a course called 'I don't know', majoring in 'I don't know' sure got many people sign up one."


Maybe I haven't been blogging for long time now, I sort of forgot how to blog already haha. Next post will be bombarded with photos okay :D or not I dig me heart out *digs heart*


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28 January 2010
what to blog. 01:02

AS I stare at's new post,
she stares back at me

What to blog, what to blog.


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22 January 2010
Back in November 16:57

Photos taken while I was schooling (not anymore! muahahaha).

Before SPM the teachers don't enter class anymore right? I wanted to skip school but mom insisted that I should go. In the end, we went home because everyone's absent. Haha I know, waste petrol only! So Kuan and Teng followed me home and we watched some random lesbians kissing on internet. NO LAH HAHHAHA

Chong Wei Teng loves Megan Fox haha
She's not sleeping, just camera-shy haha.

Kuan who intends to kidnap Suki haha.

FYI, Suki now weighs 5/7 of Kuan's weight. I think she'll weigh heavier than Kuan someday in the future. SERIOUSLY! I can't carry her up anymore :(

And this is my stupid bro sleeping on Suki.

Ok lah I do that all the time also HAHHAHA and she's flea-free okay! I check for fleas everyweek, see I'm such a responsible owner *claps* It's very nice to sleep on her actually cause her stomach's so soft (aka excessive fats!) and sometimes you can hear her stomach grumbling HAHAHA (I sound like a pervert).

Ok ba bai!



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21 January 2010
New template 02:21

So this will be my current template! Please tell me at the chat box if it takes a long time to load!

I haven't got the comment box for this blog though. I'm thinking of using DISQUS but the html codes are freaking complicated. (Help!) I really kenot tahan blogs without comment boxes. They look really weird!

Bye before I get annoyed at the html codes and delete my blog fml.

Note : Using blogger comments now but I can't embed the comment box bottom. Tolerable still haha


This comment has been removed by the author.

By Blogger Lynn, at 21 January 2010 at 12:47  

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18 January 2010
More Photos 23:00

Random Photos
Note : Photos taken from various sources

#01 School Marathon
[Left] Berry, Aster, Lynn

#02 SSG's open day
[Left] Berry, Aster, Kuan, Lynn

#03 In Zara randomly snapping
[Left] Lynn, Kuan

#04 6M Gathering @ Pavillion

#05 Nuffnang's Halloween Party
[Left] Lynn, Berry, Aster

#06 Class Party
[Left] Kuan, Teng, Berry, Kiki, Lynn, Ee Leng

#07 School
[Top Left] Teng, Berry
[Bottom Left] Reena, Kuan, Lynn, Aster

#08 School
[Left] Lynn, Ee Leng

#09 Wan Leng's party

#10 Kiki's Birthday Party
[Left] Lynn, Berry

#11 6M gathering @ Izzi
[Left] Ee Leng, Xin Ni, Kher Huey, Lynn, Aster, Wei Kie

#12 SMKCP Prom
[Left] Berry, Kuan, Teng, Kiki, Lee Peng, Lynn

#13 SMKCP Prom
The awesome classmates! *loves

#14 Classroom

#15 Classroom
The awesome classmates!

#16 School
[Top Left] Aster, Lynn, Kuan, Heshcoe, Teng
[Bottom] Wei Wen

#17 Outside classroom
[Left] Ryan, Berry, Aster, Lynn

To be updated from time to time! *loves*



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