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31 December 2009
More About Lynn 17:23


#01 Real name is Wong Yi Lyn (黄仪琳)
#02 Used 'Lynn' as a nickname while playing Ragnorak Online last time and continued using it until now
#03 7 September 1992 is her day :D
#04 Is 5 feet tall only
#05 Has tanned skin naturally and doubts she's Chinese at times
#06 Has short, edible(according to mira) fingers HAHAHHAHAHA
#07 Finished high school in SMK Cochrane Perkasa but misses wearing baju kurung in school :(

#08 Dislikes her charcoal-black, dull hair
#09 She didn't name this blog URL because of vanity. It just popped out of nowhere
#10 Grew up in a family of 4
#11 Has two evil dogs named Jenny and Suki with natural destroying abilities
#12 Hates instant noodles to the max and rates it 2/10.
#13 But loves Campbell soup!
#14 Has no particular favourite singer/actor
#15 Sushi is her favourite food!
#16 Orange is her favourite colour!
#17 Replies MSN after 1275846 years unless she's there coincidentally
#18 Is addicted to Facebook and Twitter.
#19 Can get overexcited while texting/MSN-ing. (eg.bla bla bla.. HAHAHHAHAH)
#20 Loves reading the comic Crayon Shin Chan

#21 Isn't good in photoshop/design but would love to learn more!
#22 Secretly wishes she has a sister
#23 Plays the piano and guitar
#24 But wishes to play the saxophone one fine day!
#25 Wears contact lens but is lazy to take them off at the end of the day
#26 Learned Cantonese through endless TVB dramas but can't speak it accurately :(
#27 Has 4 ear piercings. 3 on right and 1 on left
#28 Ribena Sprite makes her happy again :D
#29 Types 'wtf' a lot but not to offend people. It serves like an additional adverb (eg. hahahahaha wtf) That's what you get when you read too often
#30 Sampats with Aster Tan a lot

#31 Not forgetting Berry, Kuan and Teng too

#32 A lazy student who only studies last minute and doesn't pay attention in class. She wonders if her teachers hate her.
#33 Watches anime Bleach every week
#34 Only likes Elmo in Sesame Street, and maybe Cookie Monster
#35 Used to like Power Ranger when she was a kid, especially the pink one *blushes*
#36 Thinks boys with long fingernails are gross
#37 Doesn't know how to socialize but would love to
#38 Wishes to travel to Europe one day!
#39 Can't live without the Internet!
#40 Wears T-shirt and jeans to almost everywhere

#41 Likes collecting earrings but doesn't really wear them
#42 Can be forgetful at time
#43 Is afraid of ghost movies
#44 But loves watching horror movies involving psycho killers
#45 Loves hanging out with friends
#46 Looks forward to getting a car number plate with her initials and birth date.
#47 Doesn't like computer animations such as 'Cars' and 'Chicken Little'
#48 Prefers hand-drawn animations instead such as 'The Princess and The Frog' :D
#49 Loves Belle from 'Beauty & the Beast' the most among all Disney princesses
#50 Loves splashing water at Yau Wei a lot back in high school

#51 Has single eyelids sadly :(
#52 Camwhores a lot when with a bunch of bloggers
#53 Joined Nuffnang back in March 2008
#54 Can be annoying at times wtf
#55 Can never wake up in the morning without an alarm clock
#56 Listens to on radio
#57 Hopes to get married before she's 30
#58 Gets bored of a game very quickly
#59 Loves attending gatherings and reunions!

#60 Detests people who had plastic surgeries and deny that
#61 Sleeps late and wakes up late
#62 Hasn't been to a rock concert before
#63 Can be quite blur sometimes
#64 Tries to avoid taking caffeine
#65 Is always the last to watch blockbuster movies
#66 Is very impatient, especially with kids
#67 Can gossip about a bitch the whole day
#68 Thinks lanterns are very beautiful :D

#69 Doesn't like fireworks
#70 Reads blogs daily without fail
#71 Friends call her the sampat, sin gah, etc.
#72 Calls people sampat without calling their names 1st (eg. ei sampat)
#73 Gets jealous of people's DSLR sometimes
#74 Loves number 7 with no reason :)
#75 Hates smokers so much especially those smoking in front of kids
#76 Isn't an efficient blogger but tries to be one
#77 Loves her readers! *hearts*

Thanks for reading. Will update this from time to time!



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She's stepping into 18 this 7 September. Her most frequently used emoticon in MSN is -___- and calls everyone sampat although she's a sampat herself. She takes things for granted sometimes and that's bad. She has zero sense of fashion but tries to improve that [.....]

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