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03 December 2008
A Moment With My Kakiis 20:37


I don't know whether I'm supposed to post only ONE photo or more. Anyway I think I'll just post some photos.

*Kiasu kiasu*

When I was in standard 6, I got into SMK Cochrane Perkasa. Many of my friends were studying there too but the closest friend of mine are Aster and MK.

Aster and I when we were in form 1

Ignore my hair okay T.T

I sat beside her during Form 1 and our class teacher was Mr Chow.
In front of us was Berry and Kuan

We grew closer over the months. *like, duh*
There were countless times we were caught by the teacher talking and laughing in the class. (Okay we sat in front of teacher's desks)

We called ourselves LBAK which stands for
L - Lynn
B - Berry
A - Aster
K - Kuan

*we're not gangsters okay, just a group name*

Me. Aster. Kuan

I remember once our English Teacher, Pn Pushpam made me stand up in the class for the whole period because I laughed out SO LOUD during chit chatting. Till now, I can remember what she said to me.

Pn Pushpam : You girl. What are you laughing at!?
Pn Pushpam : Do I look like cartoon to you!? WHAT'S SO FUNNY!
Me : *stunned to silence* O.O

Since then, she called me crazy girl everytime I laugh.

Me and Kuan
Everyone thinks that the wall looks spooky.
So we decided to take a photo before our school move to another building.

No, the ghosts didn't follow us home or went inside the camera.

When I was in Form 2, Aster was transferred to another class. While in class, Kuan, Berry and I sat seperately. But we were still very close. We get together as often as we could and chose the same cocuriculum to enter.

During the year I got to know Teng, who sat behind Berry. As usual, we chit chatted a lot in the class.

In Form 3, we were busy preparing for examination, so camwhoring wasn't the in-thing.
Since our classes were only next door, Kuan and I always go next door to look for Aster whenever the teachers aren't around.

Me. Aster in F3.

Then we realised that we actually have talent in acting -.-

This is me, promoting lui yi hong

All of us entered Form 4 Science sucessfully. Ehehhehehe together in the same class.
Just then, Mk moved house and transferred to another school.

This year is the year where camwhore was a essential. Everywhere we go, we camwhore.

In the toilet.

While waiting for runners to arrive during marathon day.

*we were in charge of the medicine and stuff*

In a restaurant.

In the middle of eating chicken wings

In blik kerja.

In the middle of fish spa.

Having our feet nibbled by hundreds and hundreds of fish was really exciting.
We were practically excited, shouting and camwhoring as if nobody's business.

In a boutique.

Yes we camwhore everywhere. I think camwhore is the thing that keeps our friendship going.


I camwhore

You camwhore

WE camwhore

Sometimes we go for a simple movie date, where we wear shorts, tees, jeans.

To watch Indiana Jones.

puri-puri is a must when he hang out at the mall.

Sometimes when we're so boh liao, we just go out there and pretend to be lesbians who can't live without each other.

Aster was the female while I was the male.

the other way round

Oh yeah, when we were in form 1 or 2, we went to the same tuition class during the weekend. That's when my mom asked me.

"Aren't you guys tired of seeing each other EVERY SINGLE DAY?"

Mom, how can we even be tired of seeing each other??

We're KAKIIS that are meant to be together ;)

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