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31 July 2008
Tag 19:15

Name 20 people randomly.At the end of the survey, choose 5 people to do the survey.
Don’t read the questions, but name the 20 people first.

1. Aster
2. Teng
3. Kuan
4. Berry
5. Wei Kie
6. Yau Wei
7. Ee Leng!
8. Ming Kang
9. Yang Kent
10. See Chuan
11. Xiao Man
12. Zi Jian
13. Kah Kit
14. Mira
15. Ah Beh
16. Yang Kent
17. Sakai Jun
18. Lee Peng
19. Wan Leng.
20. Di-a-ne

1.) How did you meet number 18?
`Lee Peng - em, we've been in the same school for like 10 years liao?

2.) What will you do if you have not met number 17?
`Sakai Jun - eh, do my own version of wrestling?? When we were in S6, he did wrestling with another guy in class. Damn memorable can.

3.) What if number 9 and 20 dated?
`Yang Kent & Diane - Like impossible. I dun think they even know each other.

4.) What if number 5 and 10 dated?
`Wei Kie & See Chuan - hmm, I think they'll be a pair of lovely couple. hahhah.

5.) Describe number 1
`Aster - my bff who loves acting with me! *we're the director and leading star at same time =D*

6.) Do you think number 8 is attractive?
`Ming Kang - yeah, he does spend time in dressingclothes and hair. (dressing sounds so gay)

7.) Describe number 7
`Ee Leng - Very friendly! The current news I get is, we've been schoolmates since kindergarten. Cool huh?

8.) Do you know any family members of 12?
`Zi Jian - Yeah, during open day, his super cool dad almost all our classmates know.

9.) What language does number 15 speak?
`Ah Beh - Mandarin, like duh

10.) Who is number 9 hanging out with?
`Yang Kent - no idea. hahah maybe his girl-friends?

11.) How old is number 16?
`Yang Kent - 16 hahah.

12.) When was the last time you spoke to number 13?
`Kah Kit - Not sure. Few days ago probably

13.) Who’s number 2 favorite singer/band?
`Teng - I dun think she has a particular favourite band. She likes varieties of music and that's what I lik-e. She likes Yui too by the way

14.) Have you ever dated number 4?
`Berry - Many times if you consider hanging as dating. *ahem not lesbians kay*

15.) Would you ever date number 19?
`Wan Leng - She's very ladylike can and I'm a girl!

16.) Is number 3 single?
`Kuan - Currently attached to Mr Wai Kent~

17.) What is number 10 last name?
`See Chuan - eh? See Chuan lah?

18.) Would you ever be in a relationship with number 11?
`Xiao Man - omg stop this madness. How come all girls one?

19.) What is the school of number 13?
`Kah Kit - same, SMKCP.

20.) Where does number 6 stay?
`Yau Wei - Tmn Maluri. She told me once I think.

I tag : Aster, Ee Leng, Di-a-ne, Weikie and anyone who sees this.

P/s : This tag is so 'friendster bulletin board'

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