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03 February 2008
Sunway-ies 11:56

Went to Sunway yesterday.

Saw these kittens while waiting for Wei Teng at leisure mall.

You know those company trucks delivering furniture and stuff? Neh, the workers sit at the back (open air) if there's no place one leh. On the way to Sunway, we saw one truck in front with a chinese worker sitting behind. His face is like "heh heh heh".

I just ignored him. HE LOOKS SO FUNNY U KNOW! Then Teng said "Eh, the man in front very funny leh."

Hahahhaaha. Didn't dare to laugh in case he notices. After awhile, my dad said "The man in front also 'siao' one."

HHAhahaha, Teng and I started laughing.

Finally reached sunway after half an hour. Fast hoh? Went to toilet first.

omg, look damn vain.

Then, took a lift to McDonald. Super fun leh the lift. Can see the view of skating rink.

Turns out we went to the wrong floor (-.-") Walked to the escalator then. Xin Ni called to ask for a couple of people's numbers. Very weird one loh she. Keep asking me to hang up, accusing me of purposely not hanging up to waste her money (=.=)

my bubur ayam! Teng and I ordered the same.

Sugar and cream. Anyway, We added this much creamer and sugar in our coffee and tea.

Like no need money one xD.


Then, Aster joined us.

Happy pill's effect xD

Walked around Sunway Pyramid. Went to Sasa.

While waiting to pay

Then walked back to Mcdonald to meet up with Berry, Kuan and the boys. Berry and Kuan wore dark clothes.

Can spot them or not?

Then went shopping as Kuan wanted to shop for her bf's valentine gift. TOPMAN!

Kuan Me

NICE or not this one.

Nice ah. How much?



Hahahhahaha. Aster's and Berry's mom would've said "NOT NICE ONE LAH!"

Early lunch at Dragon-i. I hate the food so badly so just ordered a drink.

Ms Moustaches!

ONCE again, Berry. Why so happy ? (>.<)

Sat near the window so took photos of the theme park. OMG, so few people one. Next year FT Day come Sunway theme park loh.

Wa, that 'pinkie' very sharp hoh, one eye can see already.

Coulnd't stop laughing XD

Aster's 'suen-lat tong lai meen'

The 'zok sun' (bamboo shoot is it?)

I finished it before I realised (-.-")

Caught Kuan and Berry unaware. GG.


I give up photoshopping. My skill is like so bad.

TOILET before ice skating.


FINALLY. Ice skating!

Omg, luckily the rink wasn't really crowded. The boys can already skate when we entered. I was like "SO FAST ONE." Mun Ping was gentleman of the day. Like, when we wanted to get out of the rink, he'll bring us there SAFELY.

Thank you!


I'm tall. Kuan's taller. Teng's freakishly tallest.

Have to tolerate my height so balance sikit XD

Everyone was busy doing their hair. pff.

Didn't take any photos of us inside the rink as cell phones aren't allowed. The ice skates were killing my feet!


Unaware again.

Group photos =D

Went to 1st floor to shop after that. Entered a shop selling comic books.

OMG. THAT SHOP IS PARADISE! THEY sell all the Crayon Sin Chan comic books there. OMG! It's in Malay edition somemore.

How often do you see Crayon Sin Chan in Malay edition? I get sick entering Popular because they only sell the Mandarin edition.

OMG. PARADISE! Look at the amount of Crayon Sin Chans behind!

Happy happy!

Anyway, I only bought 5. Will buy more when I come again!

Berry and Kuan were busy studying this book about sex. pff. SEI HAM SAP POH-S!

Finally took a bus home at 6pm. I know, SO LATE! Reached leisure mall at about 7.15?
Lol. Jenny came with mum again to fetch me home.

This is the photo of the day anyway.

Specially for Kuan.


She's going to strangle me!

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