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08 December 2007
Super Wild day. 13:54

Went to Pavilion last two days. *sigh, again*

Met Berry and Ee Leng at LRT station. I was late. But Ee Leng was later =D. It was raining when we walked over from monorail station to Pavilion. Sigh. Our wet fringe.

All photos go under Ee Leng's credit for she took them all. 65 photos! The longest post I've ever blogged. Thanks Ee Leng! I only watermark those photoshopped.

me, ee leng and berry

my fringe's still wet

Then Mira met up with us.

mira and ee leng.


the Christmas tree we were mooning over

siao. Can change colour one

super blur.

I know, bad poser.

I think Jia Huei's mom took this. Thanks auntie!

After taking the first photo for us, she said "Give some expressions lah. You all looked bored." Hahha. Sounds like professional photographer.

Went to Milky Lane for some snacks while waiting for Ting Seng and Moong. Ee Leng said they're always late.

while waiting for our floats

mira looked cool =D

Ordered Ice Lemon Tea float. How weird is that?

That's the float.

sometimes I think I laugh too much.

over excited o.o

the bartender XD

Ting Seng and Moong arrived!

Ee leng's still shorter =p

I swear that "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal" was from IP zone.

Anyway, I'm like mira's bag.

I'm the shortest!

escalator shot

not really successful I think.

For lunch, we went to Ichiban Ramen.

While waiting for the food.

She snapped us in silence xD


what the hell is he doing?

The 'Unagi Don' I ordered was totally disgusting. I felt like eating gel with super extra soy sauce.

Swear you don't laugh while looking at the next photo?




Super fair princesses XD

That Y-3 thing looks like it's been photoshopped.

Ee leng made Jia Huei do that.

Chio bu beside us XD

Pavilion's toilet has to be the best asset.

white Christmas!

I know, gorgeous-es.

Busy camwhoring.

The tree was shaking actually xD

Ahem. Bad pose.

18sx .

Everyone loves kissing Mira.

Mona lisa-es.

Camwhore camwhore!

They got bored I guess. Sorry!

Ms Nandini aka Jack Sparrow finally is in the photos.


MS Jack Sparrow is not naked lah!

hee. I look funny, I know.


Then, Mira left. Ee leng, Moong, Ting Seng left. (That's why no photos anymore xD) Then Berry left. Then Ms Jack Sparrow and me left seperately in LRT station. Sad ending, huh? Hahaha. I was totally freaked out by the idea of taking LRT myself to Bdr Tasik Selatan.



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By Anonymous CresceNet, at 9 December 2007 at 18:06  

actually we took about 110++..xD
crazy rite...

By Anonymous ee leng, at 9 December 2007 at 21:41  

OMG really? I didn't notice that.
Yeah. It's super crazy xD. but fun

By Blogger Lynn, at 9 December 2007 at 22:09  

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