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29 June 2007
bad week..! 20:38

Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli from Heroes) is the hottest guy on earth! I just can't wait for the second season of Heroes to be released. But I'm not sure when it'll be released! Argh!
By the way, the actors of Heroes are visitng Singapore in August this year as some kind of world tour. How come Singaporeans so lucky one ah?


This fucking comput is taking forever to load a page. I've been trying to blog recently but because of his grandmother speed I can't even enter Friendster. Plus, last week (Thursday to be specific) my science teacher told the class that we're having an exam TODAY. GET IT?

Last Thursday - Yesterday

= 7 days.

= 168 hours.

To be really specific,

168 hours minus(-) 7 days of sleep

= 168 hours - 70 hours (afternoon nap leh)

= 98 hours.


Remaining 98 hours minus(-) 7 days of entertainment (Tv, going online.)

= 98 hours - 14 hours

= 84 hours.

Remaining 84 hours minus(-) school hours.

= 84 hours - 30 hours (6 hours in average)

= 54 hours.

Remaining 54 hours minus (-) tuition hours

= 54 hours - 6 hours

= 48 hours.

As a result, only 48 hours are left a.k.a 2 days. HOW TO STUDY YOU TELL ME!

NO way I'm cutting entertainment hours. It's like asking me not to argue with Amirah about Peter Petrelli. (Gosh, he's so hot...!)

So, the exam today sucks. I couldn't finish the Maths paper on time. I just simply shaded the WRONG answers. I wonder what'll happen to Maths class on Monday. And also BM! The teacher said that he'll merit that gets 80 marks and above. Oh yeah, he also mentioned that he'll demerit whoever that gets lower than 70 marks.

Smart -.-"

Speaking of class, I was caught to the disciplinary room yesterday TWICE! It's unbelivable! I'm never caught by teacher. Well, at least to the disiplinary room. The atmosphere of the disciplinary room was scary somehow. The first time I entered th class, it was crowded with students. My friends and I were caught for eating in the class during Moral class. The teacher wasn't around.

STUPID BOAR VYONNA! HOW ON FUCKING HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE! I know your boobs are fucking big that two palms will never be able to cover any side of your exra large boobs but I will never be jealous. So don't even try to fire me up!

No wonder she kept walking around outside the classroom! CHEE BY! I saw her outside the class but I just ignored her. Well, How Am I Supposed To Know She's That Wicked.

The disciplinay room was divided into three sections somehow. Two sections for the 'criminal invetigation' and another section which is apparently blocked by cupboards for caning. That's to cover up their cruelty I guess.


When I thought it was all over after being caught for eating in the classroom, towards the end of class, I WAS reluctantly called again by BLOODY VYONNA AGAIN!

WALIAO. YOU AGAIN! When she wrote down my name, she said "I'll write Lyn ok? =) "

Ngo pui! Don't pretend to be kind ok? You can never be one =)

I was the first to open the disciplinary room door the second time(at least I THOUGHT I did). I thought it must be crowded with students. So it doesn't matter whoever goes first. The teacher will never notice me.

*Opens the door*

10 eyeballs shooting at me one time, furiously.

I was so shocked that I shouted 'WAH' so loud and my eyes opened so wide. I quickly 'retreated'. Then the teacher scolded me "MASUKLAH! (COME IN LAH!) What I didn't realise was Berry and Ee Leng were already in there. Berry said the teachers were amused by my action of saying WAH with my wide eyes. They were laughing away.

I won the moment of embarrasment...

One stroke from the female teacher on the palm. It was painful at first. My palm was numb but then it faded away after a while. It was quite fun actually =p

Wan Leng smiled at the teacher joyfully after she was canned. The teacher doubted if she was mad. HAhahhaha! That was fun!

Juicy News :

One of my schoolmates, Mun Ping who hates Booby Vyonna too skipped KH class too. HE asked Booby Vyonna if the teacher will cane her. Booby Vyonna said no and Mun Ping replied :

I LOVE to be canned ah! Why don't want cane me? My hands very itchy ah!

Booby Vyonna complained to the teacher immediately.

WHAT A TRUE, ORIENTAL teacher's pet.

But still, Mun Ping did the right thing =)


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