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14 March 2007
"Gross" Is The New Black 21:28

How's the new blog skin? Hope you guys like it. MK chose it for me* Thanks! I haven't balas budi yet tho*

*Thanks Mk! And Please Stop The Evil Grins On Your Face If You're Reading This.////

It's the typical Boring-And-I-Need-School-Now school holiday again. I forgot what happened this week though. Oh yeah! My dad brought us *as in my family and I* to this so called Dragon-i restaurant last Saturday.

Dragon-i. Well known for its ramen.

There is one in Leisure Mall. We went there and


It's so darn CROWDED! We waited at the reception counter *is it called like that?* The restaurant is packed with people waiting for the food to arrive. You can see the cook busy chopping, cooking and whatever like hell. Sweats on their forehead. I wonder if it's the sweats that drip into the ramen soup which makes the ramen so darn special.

After awhile, my dad spotted a table outside the restaurant, open-air. Doesn't matter, it's cooling out there. Ah-Ba *that's how i call my dad* ordered a bowl of soup. Ah-Mi *obviously, my mom* and my bro AND I ordered ramen.

ARGHH.. It took ages for my bowl of ramen to arrive and I don't know why! Ah-Mi wasn't really pleased with the food. She said that the soup was tasteless, as if drinking water. Hah! My bro said the beef was awful.


Stop criticising the food! I haven't even tasted the food yet.

Waiter : Ramen

Me : O.. Here.

The Others : *almost finish their food*


Double Ew!

The food sucks and I don't know what the hell I was eating. It looks like dog food after I've mixed the gravy with the ramen. YUCK!

Never mind that. At least the waiters are gorgeous. I told Teng about that and she said that I was supposed to be there to try the food, not to 'try' the waiters! Hahahah! She said she went there too last Saturday. Just that she went there at night while I went there in the afternoon.

Bad timing.

I could've texted her about how G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S the waiters are on the spot. ARGHH.. never mind the food. The waiters are gorgeous with capital G.

Modified Version Of Dragon-i Signboard.

Created by : Lynn


I'd better change the topic now.. I sound like a total PERVERT now!

Teng and I were supposed to go Leisure Mall today. We planned to meet in McDonald at 12.30pm. I had to drag myself up this morning at 11++.

Stop staring at the monitor with your mouths wide open and your jaws on the floor.

"A healthy person sleeps up to 12 hours daily. "

And I'm one of the healthy person. Apparently, so is Teng. She only woke up at 12pm.


I was supposed to attend extra Science class at school too this morning. But I skipped it *I doubt if anyone would be bothered to attend it. It's so darn boring. So, I went online while waiting my mom to fetch me.

Eddy : You went to the class?

Lynn : No a.. So boring..

Eddy : But reproduction woh. Miss that bab rugi loh.


Eddy : How leh how leh. My tuition teach until that bab d.

Lynn : Dun so wai a i tell you.

Lynn : Reproduction this type of things, no need teach also know de la..

Lynn : Exam no need study also A++ la! *I'm even worse than him*

Watched "Bridge To Terabithia". It's something like Chronicles Of Narnia if you ask me. Well, I kinda dun understand the movie. It's like.. so darn weird, but I like =P.

Love the wallpaper! Looks really nice.

Anyway, I had my ears pierced today. So it looks something like this now.
Don't blame me if the drawing looks weird. I took it from the net.
The lady who did the piercing for me was really friendly. She drew the spots on my ears before she pierced them. Teng helped me to check the positions and choose the earrings.

Lady : We have varieties of choices. Which one do you prefer?

Teng : Em.. The silver ones.

Lady : Sure, we have different varieties of earrings. Which shape would you like?

Lady : Flower, square, triangle, circle, star..

Lynn : Stars or flowers?

Teng : Stars-lah.. Nicer.

Lady : *Confused,look at Teng*

Lady : It seems like you're piercing rather than your friend is.


Lady : *Look at Teng* Anyway, do you want to have your ears pierced?

*Wai - Gross in Cantonese*


NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........................I KENA PAWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 March 2007 at 12:25  

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