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07 March 2007
Guinness World Record. 15:05

Believe It Or Not. Lynn Wong from Malaysia has gained herself a Guinness World Record. The award is :

"Not Going Online For A Duration Of 3 Days. "

A loud clap for her guys!

Just joking! I haven't been blogging for ages because of the freaking test. I didn't know it until Kuan was complaining it to
Aster a week before it. My expression was 0.0 when I knew that. Aster said that my eyes were like rushing to pop out of my eyes *not my most alluring look*

The test was kinda ok *not ok also say ok laaaa* Today was the last day of exam. So Hurray! NOT. The PMR's due to start at 1 October 2007. Doesn't matter anyway. As if I'm bothered to study now - 7 MARCH 2007.

The last paper was ART! It was a total disaster! While sitting for the Geography paper, I scribbled some drawings behind the back of the paper. It looked kinda nice. I think I could get at least 35/50 marks. When the fact is totally opposite of my dream. After colouring, the drawing was really bad. Maybe 20/50.

Teng,Kuan and Berry helped me out later in the test *though we're not allowed to do so* It looked much better with their help. 35/50 marks at very least. Then due to my itchy hands, I added some ugly drawings onto it and it looked like a drawing done by some furious 5-year-old kids.

OH MY FREAKING GOSH! What had I done!

It's not even worth 10 marks! Itchy Hands! If I knew it earlier, I wouldn't have done so! Oh God, please prepare me for the moment of embarrassment of my life time! I doubt if the teacher would show my drawing to me class.

Moment Of Embarrassment Of Life

Teacher : Class, I'd like you to look at this drawing.

*Lifting my drawing high up with her dark fingers*

*Whole class staring at it. Some really mean boys laughing at it.*

Teacher : Wong-Yi-Lyn. Which one of you is Wong Yi Lyn?

Oh my gosh, that would be the most embarrassing moment of my life. Dig me a grave and bury me! Anyway, I got 3 demerit marks from my Mandarin teacher for leaving the class early right after the exam ended. OH FUCK! What's your problem! Can't you just let us leave few minutes earlier? It's not as if I was going to play truant. I didn't realise that until MingKang told us after school at the school gate.

Ming Kang:"You guys have been demerit-ed la!"

Me and Kuan:" WHAT !? "

I wonder what would happen if I told her that I didn't take her paper ( Mandarin ) this semester. Hah! I just hate Mandarin although I speak Mandarin most of my lifetime. It's so darn complicated! I'm not sitting for Mandarin paper in my PMR exam too! Hah! Peek-A-Boo!

Speaking of complicated, I think this singer needs a kick in her ass. 张韶涵 aka Asia's #1 Bitch. She tried to sing Avril Lavigne's song entitled "Complicated". She thinks she's so darn pretty and awesome in singing. She even criticised the Korean boy band "Dong Bang Shin Ki" which I think most of you guys have heard about them. Who are you to criticise them or sing Avril Lavigne's song? Their great grandmother in your holy sweet dream a? Balik kampung feed chicken la! You don't want face the host of the show also want la.. Siah sui nang only. So darn hao lian.

张韶涵 aka Asia's #1 Bitch singing "Complicated"


Avril Lavigne's video "Complicated"

Frankly speaking, Avril Lavigne can't sing very well live. But at very least much better than the bitch lo..

Last Friday was my school's cross-country run. I was in the top 10 list! *that's if you count it from the back.* It was kinda funny. At the beginning of the race, Ee Leng said that the last person who reaches the school will be taken a photograph. My reaction was:" REALLY A!?" Must be my school's rat-faced-teacher's idea *my schoolmates would know who it is* Aster,Kuan and I hurried up with the others. There are some malay girls slowly walking at the back of us.

Saw min bao chew yan (Super Breadman In Cantonese) halfway. SHORTIE! There were rumours that he, as an ARROGANT form one boy demerit-ed a form three guy. What the fuck!? Beh tahan him. The King of the Kings of Arrogance and Shorties. Anyway, the rat-faced teacher and him look alike. Maybe they're father and son.

Hang Jebat won again. FUck? Three times in a row. Berry was shouting like mad behind me. It was as if they won the World Cup - Football. Hah!

Avril Lavigne's latest single video - Girlfriend. She looks better with brown hair. Prefer the old brown hair type as shown in the video "Complicated" above.

Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

Anyway, Avril Lavigne's releasing a manga - "make 5 wishes".


Check out the update every Tuesday if you want.

I love my hamster !

Hokkien Vocabs =D

siah sui nang - embarass people

hao lian - want 'face'

beh - cannot

P/s: Miracle happens.

My school canteen which provides only oily spoons, forks, bowls and plates; colouring soft drinks; tasteless mee-hoon soup; cold and hard nasi lemak had a change! Miracle happens!

Pp/s : Xin Ni took a 'cucuk' of nuggets from the canteen today *without paying* And I ate one of them. Is that considered as a theft too?

Ppp/s :The nuggets were cold and oily. Teng said she can squeeze a bowl of oil out of the three nuggets.



yoz...quite good blog

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9 March 2007 at 22:19  

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