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15 February 2007
Valentine's 18:44

14th February

Duh~! Everyone knows about that day - Valentine's day a.k.a. Singleton's Heartbreaking Day. Every year's the same for me. Without gifts of course xD. How pathetic. For 15 years.. I've been repeating this line for many times.. I think Teng started to get annoyed with this line as she sits right beside me xD. Luckily it's all over .
Yesterday was an ordinary Wednesday again. Just that it was Valentine's Day. And my brother was driving me to school this time! Finally got the chance to listen to without interruption. They were celebrating Valentine's Day too. As In Singleton's version. JJ and Rudy called this year's Valentine day as Happy Sadday and Happy Single's Wednesday. How weird are they...? But I like =P. "Nobody suffers the pain more than a singleton on Valentine's day. Everywhere they look around are couples."
Love that line!
And finally ........
Gotcha Call!
A call made to embarrass people without being noticed. The experts : JJ and Rudy.
Bet every listenerrs of knows about it. If you were listening to it yesterday, I bet you guys would burst out laughing so loudly! It was soooooooooo EMBARRASSING ! Especially the part
JJ : I know you've just woken up but may I know what you are wearing now?
Malay guy : Err.. A kain pelikat and singlet.

So romantic... Telling the whole world that you're wearing kain pelikat and singlet to sleep. NOT. How embarrassing was that ?

Guess why I was able to listen to it while the programme is only launched at about 7.15am.

The traffic was so congested that I only reached school on 7.30am. Quite a good timing though. The students were starting to sit down = They'd finished singing the national and school anthem. How boring are those songs.. We listen to them every single morning. Almost. I bet many students can even sing the national anthem inversely. I had to sit at the back of the line. Some of my classmates thought I had a big argument with my friends so I had to sit apart with them xD.

Saw Teng receiving a gift from a boy in front of my eyes. I think my eyes were bleeding that time.. ARGH.. Why in front of my eyes! Sometimes I know that Valentine's days are always like normal days. No flowers. No Gifts. No Nothing. But then, I keep dreaming there's a secret admirer who pops out suddenly handing over a gift. Yeah stop dreaming I know..

English Class

While we were in the class, Jai Hao appeared at the back door of the class. Obviously, Teng and I are sitting at the back of the class. No choice. Got into the class too late on the 1st day. ( Good to slip into the class without being noticed by the teacher ) As a joke, Jai Hao pretended to be my secret lover and handed over the rubbish bin to me xD. It was very funny. Should've recorded it down.

One of my classmate's boyfriend gave her a big box of stuff. And I mean awesomely BIG. So lovely!~ There were sweets.. chocolates.. stars and others I think. Didn't look at it very long as I fear I would get a heart attack after seeing it. How pathetic.

Speaking of couples, I have a GREAT GRANDMA role to play tomorrow for the Chinese New Year thing! Ewwwwwwww... How embarrassing..! Wearing an ultimate red top as in traditional way so that I look like one. I'm glad that it'll only last for 5 minutes. But thinking back at the hundreds/thousands of heads looking at you in an awkward way makes me wanna bang my head to the wall. It'll all be over very soon.. Right?

So tomorrow's the BIG day.. Get ready to be the laughing stock tomorrow. My friends have now already started to tease me by calling Great Grandma as in a PROUD way. YUCK! The image of me wearing traditionally with my hair tied into a little bun makes me wanna puke now. I'm still unsure what to wear tomorrow. Maybe the red top mom bought me last year. Just wore it once after mom FORCED me to do it. Didn't like the pattern very much.

Who's up to Chinese New Year now if you have to do it in traditional way?

┬ęCopyright reserved.

I just love Avril Lavigne's single "Girlfriend". Good thing it's released before Valentine's day!
She's releasing a manga named Make 5 Wishes.

Avril Lavigne's Official Website


Thank you so much for listening. It was S.A.D (Single Awareness Day). Hope you had fun.

By Anonymous JJ, at 16 February 2007 at 07:53  

well, i still can accept that i am a SINGLETON in 15. WE are still young, long way to go on. Might find our soulmate as time goes on. I think we should study more NOW. Ecspecially for guys! --Yeah!! the lengzai/s are welcomed by the girls now(i mean in the teenagers stage), but wasted if u dont study well-- do you think u can give ur wife a better life in ur future ?? It will end up with DIVORCE-- No offense, love in teenagers is PUPPYLOVE! Human is materialistic, we cant live without money. I heard from my
teacher that the 20++ girls are very materialistics. They wan $$. And so they choose their bf who has got $$. I'm quite agree with that. Though some of them said money is not important then the others, BUT!! can u live good without money
but just with love ?? Hm ..i believe i cant!! "MONEY CONQUER ALL"

WELL this is just my opinion!!
-Lord- :P

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 16 February 2007 at 21:37  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February 2007 at 14:37  


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 17 February 2007 at 14:39  

Money doesnt conquer all! Mayb 60% xD. Personalities play a big part too.....!

By Blogger Lynn, at 24 February 2007 at 18:10  

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