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21 January 2007
Future Jobs 13:50

Stupid Future Job. My teacher asked us to write down about our ambition last week during the civic class. Helllloooo?? Come on. I'm not even 15. How am i supposed to know...? Every year since standard 1 ( 7 years old ) i am supposed to write down my 3 ambitions on a piece of form. I used to be writing craps on it. Eg: Police woman, fire'woman', government servant, secretary, musician, bla bla bla.. The list goes on. I even wrote housewife once! Apart from that, I'm supposed to select which stream i wanted to enter next year! Stupid choices. Why isn't there entertainment stream ?

Subjects : Mates, Movies, Dates, Snogging, Music.

I had a HARD time thinking, or rather imagining. I took a look at my friends' list. Berry wrote businesswoman and other two which I've forgotten. Kuan's list : Pharmacist. Teng's list:_________. She said that maybe she wanted to own a fashion shop or being a hairdresser. My list:__________________________. Totally BLANK.

I started to compare the jobs and think of a few jobs... Imagination beginssss :

#1 Berry's choice of job : Businesswoman

Travelling around the world on an aeroplane. Looking elegant. Might find the love of my life while travelling.. ** BWAhahahhahaha..** Requirements : Must be a fluent English speaker and not afraid to be confronted by angry customers. NOT MY TYPE OF JOB.


#2 Kuan's choice of job : Pharmacist

She said that we can earn good money with this job. I heard my mom saying that to my brother. All those medicine and pills in my head.... X.X I don't have a good memory like Kuan. Even if I study 24 hours/day, I'll still be never able to memorise them ... So..


#3 Teng's choice of job : Hairdresser

Trimming hair for customers sounds really fun.. With all those perming, rebonding, dyeing, highlighting, clipping, spraying, tying. BUT what if..

<--- Indirectly indicating NO talent to be an artist.


#4 MY crap list of job : Lecturer ( Teachers in universities )

Maths has been my best subject since primary. A Maths lecturer? Teaching in a university sounds good. I've heard that the lecturers needn't be bothered about the students' attendance and concentration. Of course i'd be glad to offer some help on the students' assignment. But the fee on Maths course until lecturer's rank... Too EXPENSIVE ! + It'll take me ages to study those.


#5 MY crap list of job : Musician

Well, I've been taking piano lessons since i was in primary school. The learning process is till on. So, I predict I'm going to graduate by 18. I'm just guessing, maybe it'll take longer if i don't keep practising. Hmm, have you ever seen an elegant lady/male playing piano? Or a band of musicians playing piano/violins in the hotel lounge? I think it looks kind of cool. I can be a part-timer if I can't find any other jobs. Sitting straight in front of the piano. Playing some simple but sweet music and that's it! But the salary... I dont think it offers good pay. Well, I'm not sure about it yet.

Pass !

#6 MY crap list of job : Babysitter

It sounds kind of easy. But after i watch Nanny McPhee..
It's not that easy after all. What if I had to handle half a dozen of naughty kids.
Those naughty kids with angel looks in front of their parents.
BUT devil look behind their back.

See what i meant ?

Does that mean I'm going to be some kind of beggar when i grow up.... Gosh.. I hope not!

Anyway.. I'm TOO young to think about it yet! I'm still gonna enjoy my teen life now of course. Which is






Avril Lavigne's single Girlfriend is going to be out soon!


not bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:01  

lazy want to comment........

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:15  

l0l...terpaksa give u some comment tim...ur blog ar,not bad gua..i like the money are never enuf thing...the calculation nice dis short short enuf liao...ur overall reputation-B^^

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:18  

hmm.....N0 C0mments..........

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:21  

Quite ok.....not bad.....keep it up! l0ls~

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:22  

LyNn !!! It is scary 2 b like this ..Guess what ?? I'm still in tha "Dunno" list .First a musician .I love guitars .but itz not sumthing realistic enuuf 4 me ,,I;m not that smart:P
Sumtimes itz just better is ya dun care bout it ,,just study N do wat u like N if ya got the strong faith in wateva fuckin stuff u wanna do .....U'll neva get LOST!!!

After all , no god bothers what u did 4 a living ...Just hav fun !!! If ya not sure ...Just dont put on 2 high hopes on anything !!!
Coz u'll b a living dead when itz all gone ...muahahahahahhaha
Damn waz wrong with me???

Lynnnn ,,ur sooo funny ,,stay the way u are ..BomB !!!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 23 January 2007 at 18:30  

niceeeee :] ive always wanted 2 b a lawyer since i was 7 . =D so i dont need 2 waste time thinking :] Blahhaha =D .

nicee blogg =D

By Anonymous Bel., at 23 January 2007 at 18:50  

WoW...WoW...WoW...surprisingly pro man ur blog....yeng like hell....u can imagine hows the future job looks like to u man..yeng tim la!!!especially when u imagine ur frens job...LOL.....dam funny wei....the hair dresser haha.....n ur money is not enuf...lagi yeng...can count ur budget until left sooo lil ....i like that it up gal...keep it up ^v^\/ jia you!!

By Anonymous XxZaixX, at 23 January 2007 at 21:27  

lol... wad a funny profile..

not bad... still now i aslo dunno wad is my ambition yet... but lately u sure find 1 so dont worry and tell ur teacher, somedays i sure be a more popular and more richer ppl than u be a teacher and also call ur teacher wait and see..

By Anonymous ~aRn0ld~, at 24 January 2007 at 16:55  

wow...good blog yar..i agree with the ambition thing bcuz we r not enough age yet4 that..duhh..but my ambition was a interior designer hehe...likes 2 design at home,like placing the furniture or what...then abt the money..$$$ is nvr enough ...hehe..i hope that every1 think so..

By Anonymous Sherliz...., at 24 January 2007 at 17:55  

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